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  • Termination of Antilles Block 105

    Termination of Antilles Block 105 10th Feb 2017

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  • Expiry of Listed Options

    Expiry of Listed Options 1st Feb 2017

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  • Quarterly Activities Report

    Quarterly Activities Report 31st Jan 2017

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  • Quarterly Cashflow Report

    Quarterly Cashflow Report 31st Jan 2017

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Project Information

  • Located in the Titicaca Basin in Southern Peru
  • Initial on-shore prospective resource of 29.6 million barrels with deeper mean resources potential of 80.4 million barrels
  • Farm-out agreement reached with multi-billion dollar Uruguayan oil and gas fund Union Group - will fund 75% of the cost of Antilles' first well to be drilled mid-2016
  • Close to local infrastructure including a major railroad, rail link and the South Peru Gas Pipeline Project due for completion in 2019
  • New 2D seismic will aim to define major new targets
  • Low costs associated with operations allow for rapid development of potential resources & attractive returns in the current oil price environment
  • Oil seep sampling has identified the presence of a working hydrocarbon system at the block
  • Historic production has included the Pirin field which produced over 300,000 barrels of oil in the 1900’s
  • Drilling event will aim to deliver significant value

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