ASX Announcements

  20th Dec Becoming a substantial holder  
  9th Dec Change of Share Registry Address  
  9th Dec Details of Share Registry address  
  31st Oct Quarterly Cashflow Report  
  31st Oct Quarterly Activities Report  
  13th Sep Half Year Accounts  
  15th Aug Change in substantial holding  
  29th Jul Quarterly Activities Report  
  29th Jul Quarterly Cashflow Report  
  20th Jul Change of Auditor  
  16th Jun Change of Director's Interest Notice  
  30th May Results of Meeting  
  27th May Cleansing Notice  
  27th May Appendix 3B  
  25th May Antilles Amends Farm-In Agreement  
  10th May Ceasing to be a substantial holder  
  10th May Change in substantial holding  
  5th May Cleansing Notice  
  5th May Appendix 3B  
  29th Apr Quarterly Activities Report  
  29th Apr Quarterly Cashflow Report  
  29th Apr Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  
  18th Apr Becoming a substantial holder  
  18th Apr Cancellation of Sale of Martin County Titles  
  12th Apr Results of Meeting  
  1st Apr Appendix 3B  
  1st Apr Appendix 3B  
  1st Apr Cleansing Notice  
  1st Apr Cleansing Notice  
  1st Apr Additional Information in relation to Appendix 3B  
  1st Apr Change in substantial holding  
  31st Mar Annual Report to shareholders  
  31st Mar Appendix 4G  
  11th Mar Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form  
  4th Mar Cleansing Notice  
  4th Mar Appendix 3B  
  29th Feb Change of Company Address  
  23rd Feb Sale of Martin County Interests  
  18th Feb Initial Director's Interest Notice x 2  
  18th Feb Final Director's Interest Notice x 3  
  12th Feb Change of Directors and Placement  
  29th Jan Quarterly Activities Report  
  29th Jan Quarterly Cashflow Report  

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